Splash of yellow

One side of the fence wild, overgrown, neglected,

Reflection of my heart.

This side, a tree full of buds promising life;

A reminder, planted for a memory,

Little sweet bursts of sadness…

Not quite time for you to say your piece.

This side of the fence the shooting bulbs, just green leaves.

Life without fruit,

Half life,

My life.

The other side of the fence,

A glimpse,

Unreachable, yet there

Among the thorns, in the midst of pain,

A splash of yellow…

Sweet promise of life after death,

Life after death,

Held like a breath… a pause

a moment in time…

Little splash of joy, heart warmer!

This day of all days

Brimming with tears

In the remembering

What was.

In the planned,

Yet to be.

You, beacon bright, cheerful reminder…

Death is not the end

No, in the ending… a new beginning.

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