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When I am not writing, I can be found outside playing with my horse. (ergo horse photo) Jack, my Quarterhorse, has taught me to understand horse language and psychology, which has made me a better human being.

I have written some fantasy stories that live in my bottom drawer, waiting to be finished, and a few children’s stories. I have written and self-published stories for my grandchildren. Stories that tell about how each of them came into the world and stories to explain Christmas from their favourite toy’s point of view. Even one where a favourite toy went off on his own adventure and (spoiler alert) finally found his way home.

I am currently working on a middle-grade novel set in the ’90s in the UK. A group of young friends help preserve Red Kite’s in Wales, reintroduce them to England and Scotland and stumble across a terrorist organization when one of them is kidnapped. The rest of the story has yet to unfold, no doubt they will have to rescue their friend somehow, stop the terrorists from carrying out their plans and make it home in time for dinner. The story was born during a Middle-Grade Fiction course with The Scribbles Academy, during which I wrote the first 8000 words of the Red Kite story. I plan to enter the first 4000 words into a writing competition run by the Academy.

I also completed a Junior Fiction Course with the same Academy, this one is about a young girl and her talking mouse. There is a story about a wild Brumby bubbling away in the background that is not getting any attention.

I write a blog, here on WordPress, to give my inner critic (Muriel, she’s terrible) something to whinge about, then while she’s distracted, the creative writing happens. That’s the plan anyway. Muriel can be quite sneaky and insidious in their ability to side-track me completely.

My short story styled memoir, ‘Becoming Rhiannon‘ is available free on the iTunes store. Click on the link for your free copy.

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Don’t blink

I often think my life is a metaphor. We have been living in our house for forty-two years. Amazing, I know! We stayed to give our children somewhere to put down roots. When I was growing up our family moved every few years. New schools, new frenemies, new neighbours, new, new, new. Consequently I have … Continue reading Don’t blink

Going old school

I used to think an annual family newsletter was a bit impersonal. Turns out I was just a Christmas card snob. I would make, write and send cards as if my life depended on it. One year I made, embossed and then wrote seventy cards! Sheeskabob! This year for one reason and another I have … Continue reading Going old school


It never occurred to me, as a young mum, that traditions were something I needed to create, so nothing was deliberately planned. Our family had the usual traditions of Christmas Trees, Easter Egg hunts and favourite stories. Life just happened to us — then, over the years, traditions emerged.  Home made Nativity decos. Might be … Continue reading Traditions

New Normal

This week has felt quite strange. After months of staying within a five kilometer radius and only one person going to the shops, once a day, and all the other restrictions, the ground has shifted. Do you get the feeling that we are all wanting the world to just go back to how things were … Continue reading New Normal


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