Creative writing

When I am not writing or drawing I am often spending time with my horse, Jack. He has been my greatest teacher. He taught me to understand horse language and psychology, which has made me a better human being.

I have written some fantasy stories that live in my bottom drawer, waiting to be finished, and a few children’s stories. I have written and printed stories for my grandchildren. Some tell about how they came into the world and some are stories about Christmas from their favourite toy’s point of view. One about a favourite toy who was lost and went on an adventure and (spoiler alert) found his way home.

In 2020, I worked on a middle grade story as part of a course culminating in a competition. We had to write 4000 words of a story, the opening chapters. My goal that year was to submit my work to something or someone. The experience of hitting the submit button was terrifying. I didn’t win. Surprise, surprise. What I learned from participating was invaluable.

In the same year I completed a Junior Fiction Course. The story is languishing with others in a bottom drawer, not quite finished. It seems I have a lot to learn about endings. Like how to write them.

My current work in progress is a middle grade novel. Not for the faint hearted. Writing is addictive, even my husband has started writing. He was famous in the seventies, in the music scene, he has a lot to write about.

I joke that my blog is to keep my inner critic occupied while I get on with the real writing. The real reason I write a blog? Writing keeps me connected to the outside world in a way other social media can’t.

My short story styled book, ‘Becoming Rhiannon‘ is available free on the iTunes store. Click on the link for your free copy.