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When Rhiannon isn’t writing, she can be found outside playing with her horse. (ergo horse photo) Jack, her Quarterhorse, has taught her to understand horse language and psychology, which has made her a better human being.

Rhiannon has written some fantasy stories that live in her bottom drawer and a few children’s stories that may never see the light of day. She has written and self-published stories for her grandchildren. Stories that tell about how each of them came into the world and stories to explain Christmas from their favourite toy’s point of view. Even one where a favourite toy went off on his own adventure and (spoiler alert) finally found his way home.

Rhiannon is currently working on a middle grade novel set in the 90’s in the UK. A group of young friends help preserve Red Kite’s in Wales, reintroduce them to England and Scotland and stumble accross a terrorist organization when one of them is kidnapped. The rest of the story has yet to unfold, no doubt they will have to rescue their friend somehow, stop the terrorrists from carrying out their plans and make it home in time for dinner.

Rhiannon has just completed a Middle Grade Fiction course and a Junior Fiction Course with The Scribbles Academy, during which she developed chapter one of the Red Kite story and another about a young girl and her talking mouse. There is a wild Brumby story bubbling away in the background and several fantasy stories that are not getting anywhere near enough attention.

Rhiannon writes a blog to give her inner critic something to whinge about, then while she’s distracted, the creative writing happens. That’s the plan anyway.

Rhiannon’s short story styled memoir, ‘Becoming Rhiannon‘ is available free on the iTunes store.

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Lately it’s been hard to ___________ fill in the blank. Stay motivated, stay positive, be hopeful, find joy. It would be easy to give in to despair, especially for those of us experiencing a second lockdown. I avoid the news and some days I avoid any screens. Thankfully I live with a built in joy … Continue reading Joy

Is it ever too late?

I turned sixty-five last month, an age when you’re meant to retire graciously, or that’s what I have always believed.  My dad retired at sixty-five with no plan to do anything except stop work. I suggested he write a book, so he did.  I have a copy on my bookshelf. He died only seven years … Continue reading Is it ever too late?

Into the unknown

Does anyone else feel the anxiety in the air? What will happen once we all go back to living our lives again? Will people hug? What is life going to look like after isolation? Am I the only one who is asking these questions? Before Covid 19, (I guess that’s the way we’ll be talking … Continue reading Into the unknown


This is not about how to use time in a pandemic. Like most people, I’m vassilating between functioning and faffing at the moment. It’s hard to focus when you are suspended in a state of grief. Not that anyone close to me has died, it’s more that life as we knew it has ended and … Continue reading Time


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