Welcome to my writing spot

Creative Writing Space

When I’m not playing with my horse…

I have been a student of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship programme for years. It is one of those topics I can talk about until you glaze over, so don’t get me started. This site is a place where I can share my writing, another passion. I write thies blog and I write memories, stories for my grandchildren and stories just for fun.

I have been writing on this blog monthly now for just over a year and it is my way of being brave and showing my work. It gives my inner critic – Muriel, she’s terribe something to whinge about, then while she’s distracted I get on with the job of writing.

Writing sometimes looks a lot like reading for me. I read, research, do on line courses and procrastinate like a champion. I’m not sure I will ever submit anything, but I’m having a lot of fun along the way.